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Microsoft is a company that is always looking to improve on its own work. This can be seen almost every step of the way if you follow it through its journey as it released more and more software. The latest addition to this catalog comes in the form of the Windows developer’s initiative to digitalize documents. To do this, it is adding support to its apps.

Microsoft’s Office Lens application is a standalone service that helps Microsoft towards achieving this goal, but it looks like it will be even more useful from now on. This is because Microsoft has made the decision of integrating it into its core Office suite services, Office Word and Office PowerPoint.

For those that don’t know what document digitalization is, we will go over the process and ends of digitalization so that everyone can grasp what Microsoft is proposing with its latest update to the Office suite.

Basically, digitalization is the process of making pictures available for editing. This is done via technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This is a very useful tool as it will allow you to modify text within pictures. The way that works is that the specific image is being scanned and rendered so that both text and imagery found within a picture can be individually altered.

An example of when this will come in handy quite often is the educational system. College students use their smartphones to take photos of their class table or other similar information that is pinned on the info board. It is way more convenient than pulling out a pen and paper and recreating the schedule manually. Now, they will be able to edit and convert what they photograph as well, adding more depth to an already useful trick.

Thanks to the Office Insider program which works in a similar fashion to how the Windows Insider program operated, we know that an app for iOS devices that is related to OCR is also in development. This shows that Microsoft is looking to push the technology to all available markets and so far the entire thing looks very promising .

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