Irrespective of being for quite some time on the market, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is still a powerful device which fulfills the roles of both a tablet and a laptop. Its detachable keyboard makes the device to be able to be used wherever one likes and not only does it sport some impressive specs which are still high in terms of today’s standards but it also ranks high when it comes to convenience and productivity. We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make sure that every Surface Pro 4 owner gets the most out of Microsoft’s amazing device.

Decide On Your Own

This is one of the most basic tips to use your device as it is its main selling point. The device can operate with both keyboard and touchpad and act exactly like a laptop or used in tablet mode for some extra convenience. Not only does this device offer great specs and power to tinker with but can also be used in a lot of ways either if you are on the go or want to work from home. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has got anyone covered with great features irrespective of where they are.

Use Its Stylus

The Surface Pen is an extremely device to use as it has a back button which can instantly open Onenote. It also comes equipped with some interesting capabilities such as double clicking it to take a screenshot which is automatically saved. It even has the ability to open Cortana by holding the button for a couple of seconds.

If one uses the Surface Pen to draw or write something, you can flip it around and the other side of the pen will act exactly like an eraser to correct your mistakes. The pen also has a thumb button which will behave just like a right click on a mouse. It is customizable and can fulfill multiple functions and all one has to do is program whatever actions he want to it.

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