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The iPhone 7 has ditched the old headphone socket in favor of a Lighting connector and customers had to wait until December, when Apple started selling AirPods, the new wireless earbuds that are sold for $159. The first beta of iOS 10.3 that’s available for developers brings a new feature named “Find My AirPods” and it will help users to recover these tiny accessories, after misplacing them.

AirPods don’t have a cellular connectivity built-in and thanks to the new feature introduced in iOS 10.3, it will be easy to keep track of their location while they’re connected to an iPhone, over Bluetooth. In case users misplace these earbuds, “Find My AirPods” app will display their location on a map, and users can also select the option to play a sound on users’ iPhone when they’re close to finding the lost AirPods, no matter if they’re buried in a backpack or hidden between couch cushions.

The only problem is that the feature does not work if the AirPods are in the AirPods case, as then they’re not connected to an iPhone, so if users lose the case, then they will need to rely on their mind, to remember where they’ve seen it the last time.

In this case, they will have to pay $159 again on a new pair of AirPods. If they break them, the replacement will cost them $69, which is the same price they’ll pay for replacing the charging case.

Other changes that users will notice in iOS 10.3 include a new profile section of Settings app that will give users access a page that will also give access to their contact info, iCloud, security settings and many more. iCloud Storage has a new section at the top that tells users how their storage is being used, the floating iPad keyboard is currently hidden, but it was discovered by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, and from now on, iPhones and iPads will use Apple File System (APFS), which replaces HFS+. APFS. And if they want to find out the local forecast, users will 3D Touch the weather icon.