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Adobe Flash Player is one of the most controversial services at the moment. In this article we will take a look at why it is viewed in this manner and also how to install it, if so is your choosing.

Adobe Flash Player has been used as the standard solution for several decades, and while there were people against the service, it still maintains a dominant position in the then-status quo. However, things change and Flash is currently seen as a no-no. The reason for this change is the fact that Flash holds the record for most exploited vulnerabilities and also most vulnerabilities overall. This is due to the fact that the software is old. Regardless of how many updates Adobe slaps over it, Flash is old to the core.

Hackers and cyber-attackers take advantage of this and exploit the very serious security vulnerabilities found in Flash to compromise important institutions and software. Despite this and the fact that most of the internet has gone back to HTML5, there are still some top ranking websites that use Flash, as well as websites that can only operate on Flash. That is bound to change in time, although the sudden switch didn’t present enough time notice to actually allow these websites to prepare for HTML5.

If you want to install Flash on your PC anyway, it’s pretty simple.

  • The first you want to do is go over to Google and search for Adobe Flash Player;
  • The first result Google gives you is the official Flash website. Click it;
  • From there, inspect the screen and look for a yellow button that says “Install now”;
  • This should start the download of the Flash installation file. When the download is complete, go to your download location and open the file;
  • Follow the instructions that are provided through the installation wizard to complete the installation process;
  • When it’s all done, the installation wizard will conclude and you will have Flash installed.

If you already have Flash installed, the official webpage will tell you this. If you are using Google Chrome, you have Flash baked-in the browser, meaning that Google will be handling all updates for you.