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If you play Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, you probably already know that money makes the world go round. Unfortunately, just like in the real world, earning money in the GTA universe requires a lot of time and hard work. Because of this, you’re most likely looking for ways to get more funds into your account.

One of the solutions you’ll stumble into is GTA 5 money generators. These websites promise to provide your GTA account with thousands and even millions of GTA$, allowing you to purchase any vehicle, outfit, or weapons you like. They claim that they have access to a glitch in GTA 5 Online that allows them to do this, although they don’t really specify exactly which glitch they’re talking about.

The best part: these websites do this for free! To enjoy their offer, you only have to give them your PSN or Xbox Live username and password and answer a survey. Once you’ve taken these steps, they’ll then take care of filing your coffers to the brim.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, it is.

At the very least, you’ll end up wasting your time by answering surveys and waiting for GTA 5 money that wouldn’t ever arrive. The worst thing that can happen is that your PSN or Xbox Live account would get hacked or stolen. This, in turn, can result to identity theft (since your e-mail, address, and credit card info are tied to your account) and other types of cybercrime.

So should you trust these money generator sites and fill up their surveys? The answer is a clear, resounding “No”. Avoid them like the plague and instead do more missions and save your money to increase your funds. If you’re really desperate for cash, you can buy GTA 5 Online Shark Cards and top up your GTA$ balance.

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