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When it comes to debates over which browser is the best one available, a lot of tech savvy people are currently aiming towards the battle between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. When it comes to popularity, Google Chrome is hands down the winner whilst Microsoft Edge is offering a wide array of features which prove to be a lot more interesting and at the same time useful.

The Redmond giant is going to release Windows 10 Creators Update and with it a whole range of interesting changes to its Microsoft Edge browser along with a series of improvements and tweaks which will make it more appealing and thus more popular.

Tab Preview Bar

A tab preview bar is a feature which we long waited for as one can easily preview any open tab without having to leave the current main page. Scrolling through the list of opened tab will permit users to get a better view on what’s happening in other tabs. Those who put productivity as their top priority will be in for a treat as multitasking cannot get easier.

Put Some Tabs Aside

Microsoft Edge has a feature in which to buttons next to your tabs helps managing them all without having to lose any of their flow. This is a pretty nice addition for those who want to keep things neat and tidy and pick up from wherever they’ve left.

Jump List

Windows 10 enables everyone to launch a new window in private mode right from the Taskbar. This can be done by right clicking the Microsoft Edge icon which is found in the taskbar and select the option which you want to launch. This applies for normal tabs as well but one has to bear in mind that the quick command also works for those who are in for a bit of secrecy.

Web Payments

When it comes to security, Microsoft is seriously trying to improve their software to make sure that online transactions are not hampered by any external factors. Edge has now some support to this as it previews support for the new Payment Request API. The browser memorizes payment and shipping preferences and store in Microsoft Wallet.

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