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Browsing the internet is a mundane task for some, but others really put effort into their browsing, in the sense that they equip their browsers of choice with all kinds of plugins and tools, organize bookmarks and come up with an entire scheme on how to browse more efficiently.  Google Chrome is considered the king of browsers at the moment, but some of you might be tired of it after using it for so long. If that’s the case, you can check out these other browsing solutions that can surprise you and who knows, maybe even replace Chrome on your PC. Let’s take a look at the contenders.


Opera is a browser that normally stays behind in the shadows but has quite a lot to offer if you give it a chance. Unfortunately for Opera, its great features aren’t well enough portrayed so they remain unknown to a large majority of people. With an integrated adblocker and VPN service, Opera is one of the most versatile  browsers in terms of available features. Recently, a new browser called Opera Neon has been released for a sort of public beta testing, with loads of fun features.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is often times considered the runner up to the crown, or the browser that would win if Chrome wasn’t around. Firefox is a complete browsing experience that has a long past to learn from. The experience facture kicks in constantly, showing off a refined browser. Similarly to how Chrome operates, Firefox has a tab that displayed the most accessed websites, so if you decide to switch, there would be a familiar element to smoothen out the transition.

Microsoft Edge

Once known as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge was reborn from the former’s ashes into a new, more competent browser that threatens the top positions of Firefox and the likes. With some unique features such as reading mode and the recent addition of extensions, Edge is shaping up to be a decent solution among any competitors.

While you might still enjoy Google Chrome more than any of these browsers, trying them out surely wouldn’t hurt. They are all free to try, but Edge requires you to have Windows 10 as it comes with the OS.