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To make the most of operating systems in whatever platform, it helps to always be aware of the latest updates and make the necessary upgrades if needed. Updates often come with new features and bug fixes, among others. In the latest Windows 10 update, support for ebook has become available for Microsoft Edge and Windows Store. Also, there is the new custom color option as well as a feature that automatically frees memory space.

However, like any other OS updates, Windows 10 does not come without issues. Microsoft executive Terry Myerson said that the OS, particularly Windows 10 Home Edition has privacy control issues. Computer users are already worried about personal information security breach in terms of privacy. The executive announced that the company is doing something about it.

What are the issues about Windows 10?

One of the problems encountered by Windows 10 users who recently updated their OS is on multiple monitor usage. For people who play games online and have several monitors for playing, issues on running the 3D apps for several monitors connected to one PC surface. These include delays as well as clipped screens when using 3D apps. To address this, there are two solutions available. One is to remove other monitors and leave just one. The other one is to use Windows mode when playing instead of full screen.

Another issue is about the dashboard, particularly, the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. To solve this, simply sign in using your Microsoft account and go to Here, you will be able to see your browsing history, from location activity to search history. This way, you will know if your privacy has been breached or someone tried to open your account.

There is also the issue of not being able to control Windows 10 updates. Microsoft said that it is already taking the necessary steps to solve the problem. There is already the additional option that lets non-security update installation be delayed for at least 35 days. It may not be too long but at least Windows 10 users can buy time.

Several other issues were also brought up that require immediate attention from Microsoft so solutions can be made available.  Two were found on the AAD Identity Settings Sync. First is that the Reading List between PC and Microsoft Edge cannot be synched automatically. The system needs to be rebooted for this to work. Second is in the synching of passwords in phone and Microsoft Edge. While it can be done, the password is not displayed on “saved passwords” in the settings of the Edge.

As for emails, when a new one is received and the user taps the email notification, it does not open both the message and the email app. Windows insiders using some devices like Lumia 635 are not able to adjust screen brightness manually.

Conversely, the emoji display for the ninja cat does not appear as one on the keyboard but as two characters. And if you attempt to add a new card or pay with a card in existence, it will not work on the Microsoft Wallet.

Be that as it may, Microsoft does not stop coming up with Windows 10 fixes to address the upgrade issues. While this might take time, expect developments soon.