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If you have an Android device, then you probably know how big of a role the Google Play app actually plays in that ecosystem. While on its own doesn’t accomplish much, it opens the gates for a realm of endless possibilities, which is Google’s Play Store. It is important to keep applications updated as every update brings more stability and often times new features to the table. The Google Play application is no different. By keeping it updated, you strengthen your connection with the Play Store, which is the place from which the Android operating system draws all its power.

If you look at it from an objective point of view, a smartphone is often times defined by the kind of applications you can run on it. Since Google is making such a large amount of applications available in the Store, users can boost the value of their devices tenfold. But when the latest security, stability and otherwise maintenance patches aren’t applied, the app can start to malfunction.

If you want to update the Google Play application, simply download the APK file for the latest build. Be sure to use a secure, trusted website that is known for its seamless services. Next up, copy the APK file into your handset and open it from the phone’s user interface. Follow the simple instructions displayed onscreen and you should have an updated application in no time.

One thing to keep track of is that your device might require you to enable the “third party” option which lets you install APK files that don’t come from the Play Store directly. The option can be found as “Unknown Sources” in the Settings section.

After you successfully install the update to your phone’s Google Play application, be sure to take it for a spin and make sure you have the latest build installed. While you’re at it, there’s no harm in grabbing a new app or two from Google’s wide selection of both free and paid apps. Also, it would be a good idea to take a stroll through all the sections of the Play Store to see if anything major has been changed since the last time it was updated.