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Saints Row took the video game world by storm when it was launched in 2006. It had a similar story line and plot as other open world action-adventure video games, but with an identity of its own. Created by Volition and published by Deep Silver, it was one offering everyone was eager to get their hands on.

Saints Row is about a gang called Third Street Saints, their adventures and misadventures. Presented in an open world format, its uniqueness comes in the nonlinear gameplay that is mixed with action-adventure and racing sequences. You can practically see in it a bit of every popular video game that came out at that time.

The initial installment was followed by Saints Row 2 in 2008, Saints Row: The Third in 2011, and the Saints Row IV in 2013. The lack of pattern of when a franchise is released made it hard to predict as to when the next installment will come out. So if you’ve been waiting for Saints Row 5, anticipation has likely been building up like crazy. Is it coming out in 2017 or 2018?

Everyone was hoping for the fifth franchise to roll out in 2016, but Volition canceled Saints Row Undercover for the PSP which dropped a clear hint. But hope is not lost, as this can mean Saints Row 5 is in the works. In the meantime, gamers satisfied themselves with Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell that came out in 2015. It was an extension of the fourth series.

When is next probable release date of Saints Row 5?

Rumor has it that Volition may roll out the game in 2018. But due to foreseeable delays, it could hit the shelves in 2019. This is because the game developer has just kicked off development in collaboration with High Voltage Software. Is it possible for the release date to be moved to 2020? It’s best not to rule out the possibility. But a 2018 unveiling will assuage gamer’s anticipation for Saints Row 5.

The gameplay gamers want to see

What do people want to see in the fifth installment of Saints Row?

  • Improved graphics since there were complaints with the previous one. “It could be better” is not exactly what gamers and developers want to hear. Let’s hope Volition listens.
  • Changes in the mission from mundane to awesome. Many players agree that lengthy combat missions that need a good dose of interest and excitement should change in Saints Row 5.
  • Comeback of the more grounded chaos of older Saints Row games. Repackaging of a game isn’t bad, but a total revamp will be most appreciated. If Volition does opt to repackage an older series, it should use great ideas from previous installments rather than a homogenous version.
  • Interesting plot and storyline. Saints Row 4 had a bizarre and crazy storyline that everyone loved. But gamers would prefer something more interesting for Saints Row 5, with just a few realistic hints.

Saints Row 4 has been one of the games people played while waiting for GTA. But when the fifth installment comes out, there’s little doubt that gamers will drop everything else to focus on it.