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Last year has been a good one for console gamers because both Sony and Microsoft decided to release new versions of their console. While Microsoft launched its Xbox One S edition, Sony took the market by storm with PS4 Slim, PS4 VR and PS4 Pro. It’s safe to say that PlayStation players are the ones which are enjoying a bigger array of products and that Sony is making huge profits as a result. In fact, the VR market is booming as of late and Sony is one of the few companies which are capitalizing on that.

Additionally, the PS4 Pro edition is truly outstanding because of the hardware performances it’s able to provide users with it. The console’s key selling point is the fact that it’s able to run games in native 4K resolutions which is something that only PC players were able to enjoy until now. While Sony is seizing the market, Microsoft is working on developing Xbox Project Scorpio which is reportedly going to be most powerful gaming console ever.

Hearing news of Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio definitely put Sony under pressure and the question that everyone is asking is when PlayStation 5 is coming out. Seeing the major improvements Sony has made in terms of hardware power with its PS4 Pro edition, we can be sure that PS5 will be something exceptional.

Regarding hardware power, rumors are pointing out that the upcoming PS5 gaming console will be able to go head to head against PCs. Additionally, the upcoming next gen console will be compatible with PC hardware parts but we need to wait for Sony to confirm any of these rumors.

In terms of release date, we can expect that PS5 will be launched during 2023. The reason why we’re making this statement is because Sony traditionally launches its console seven years apart from each other and seeing that PS4 Pro was launched in 2016, 2023 is the most viable date. Although, if Microsoft does decide to launch Xbox Project Scorpio ahead of time Sony will be forced to bring out the PS5 ahead of time as well.