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The Roku streamer has taken the market by storm as it comes with unparalleled video qualities than major software giants such as Netflix, Hulu or HBO. There is some room for improving the streaming experience and we’ve come with a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best out of the ever so popular streaming software. From organizing channels to adding additional buttons, Roku can do it all to facilitate a better streaming experience as well as making it easier and more convenient.

Control Roku With Your Phone

Using a remote control can prove to be a grueling task especially when taking into account that these devices have a huge tendency to be lost somewhere around the house. Your smartphone can be easily transformed into such device to control Roku and searching for actors and movies has never been easier.

Specially designed apps for Roku can replace your remote and provide a keyboard which facilitates a faster and more precise data entry which makes the streaming experience a lot easier. Next time you find yourself wanting to enjoy some content just tap the Remote function on the keyboard icon.

Use Your Device For Voice Searching

Coming in as an even faster alternative to the keyboard, voice commands are the most desired ways in which Roku can be used. This feature is operated via the Roku remote and the Roku app offers such capabilities on its own. If you fancy seeing movies such as The Titanic or just something that features Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor, simply state his name in the search option and a whole portfolio of movies will appear.

Stream From Your Smartphone or Tablet

If one finds himself at a family gathering or just want to boast to friends with the most recent amazing accomplishments, directly streaming photos and videos from important events such as a soccer game or graduation event has not been easier with the Roku app which allows casting photos and other media content from a mobile device directly to the streamer.