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If you’ve played the latest Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 chapter, namely Kingdom Hearts 0.2, you might have reached the mirrors level. The mirrors level is located within the World Within part of the game, and you get there after you successfully pass the Demon Tower in Castle Town.

In the World Within, the protagonist Aqua is met with an abundance of mirrors which the player must pass through. Inspecting the mirrors will result in Aqua being pulled inside. So which mirror do you go through. There are several options available but not all of them are the right ones. Here, we are going to tell you how to choose the correct mirrors.

  • Starting off, in the beginning of the level you will be faced with the choice of passing through one of eight mirrors. The one you’re looking for is the third from last mirror. These mirrors has a depiction of columns in it.
  • Pass through that mirror and get to the columns room. Here, it is easy to get confused but you won’t as long as you look for a specific column. The one you need has light coming from the cracks between bricks. Beat down on that column until a passage is revealed, then use it.
  • The next room you get to requires the same thing, while the third room requires you to look for a room. Go to that room and interact with the mirror there to start the Phantom Aqua encounter.
  • After you are sent back to the starting place you’ll see that the mirror you’ve went through is now cracked. Continue going through mirrors counterclockwise.
  • In the next room just go up the stairs until you can’t anymore, point in which you press the interact button and continue up. Do this three times then turn around and go to the mirror waiting for you. Here, defeat Phantom Aqua again.
  • Out of the eight mirrors, skip the next one and go to the next one after it (still going counterclockwise). Here, you will have to use mirror reflections and interact with the mirrors at precise times when platforms are aligned so that you may pass over them. Do this until you reach and beat Phantom Aqua the third time, then go back through the original mirror.

After a cutscene, you’ll advance to the next zone by interacting once again with the mirror. This is also where our guide concludes. We wish you happy adventuring in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.