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Apple’s iOS 10.2 was a big deal, and in the aftermath of the patch release we had a lot of community chatter to cover. A lot of the commotion behind that particular patch was the entire drama that took place around it regarding Jailbreak solutions and hackers’ inability to provide such a solution for iOS 10.2 due to the fortifications put in place by Apple.

The 10.2.1 Patch is now out but doesn’t come with a lot to talk about since it’s a minor patch. However, it also marks the start of iOS 10.3 talks. It’s not yet known when users can expect it to officially drop, but as far as developers are concerned, the first draft of the update can be made available at any moment. Let’s take a look at what the patch is presumed to feature.

  • Theater Mode is supposed to be a very convenient feature that allows you to instantly tune your device to suit the atmosphere and requirements of a theater. Although no one will scream at you by using this outside an actual theater, it might be best put to work there. Using this feature will dim your screen brightness and prevent any sounds from going off
  • The iPad users out there will benefit from a revamp of the UI that would further facilitate searching and managing things on a tablet screen. Changes would include modifications to the split view feature or to the way app switching works

The next update might include just these changes or maybe many more. It is difficult to accurately predict the content volume of this patch since we’re talking about an update bigger than iOS 10.2.1 but smaller than iOS 10.0.0. Once the build is made available for developers, we will be able to get a better idea about what’s going on.