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Many people have been complaining that OEMs are too slow when pushing out official updates for Android. However, Google has been rolling out the newest version of the Google Play Services and it is now available for more than 90% of the active users. You must also know that the updates for the Google Play Services don’t change the core UI in the Android system, nor do they add to the new APIs for developers.

Despite this, it brings some new features for tablets and smartphones that are deeply integrated with the Android platform. Recently we got the chance to hear that Google is rolling out a new update for their Google Play Services. This will bring the 10.2.91 version to the users and you can already notice one big improvement brought by it. Andreas Proschofsky has shown the world a screenshot of the Instant Tethering feature which will be available once you upgrade to the latest version. Of course there are other improvements and fixes, but this seems to thrill people the most.

You can look for the update online or you can simply wait for it to be rolled out to your device. Apparently the Instant Tethering feature is in fact a side switch, and the tech giant will test it first on a small part of the people who are using Pixel and Nexus phones or tablets running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

After you install or receive the update, you should see two toggles that let you choose whether you want the device to offer or to receive a data connection. Sometimes you can turn both of them on, but according to Google, the Pixel C and Nexus 9 models will only be available for using them as clients. All in all, people are quite excited to test out new features and additions.