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Google Chrome has been everyone’s favorite browser ever since its release and we could understand why as it offers unparalleled features and options regarding browsing experience. It is one of the cleanest and simplest browsers and despite being already top-notch, it still can be tweaked to deliver an even better browsing experience. We’ve come up with a few simple tricks and tips in order to perfectly optimize Google Chrome to be able to start up the browser with all of your favorite web pages with a simple click.

Being able to instantly load all of your desired web pages is one of Chrome’s most convenient and loved settings and not only will this factor make you more productive it will also save a lot of time than opening each website manually each time the browser is opened.

Google Chrome has an option to instantly load the last browsed web pages or choose to load more than one every time. Such examples are loading Facebook and favorite news website which are within the distance of one simple click.

In order to do so, one has to open the options menu which is found at the top right corner of the browser, right below the exit button and click it. Once you’ve done that, select the settings option menu and under the On Start-Up option simply select the “continue where you left off” function.

If one wishes to open more pages at the same time with specific content, the same options menu has to be accessed and further select the Settings option. Afterwards, continue with opening a specific page or set of pages option and select it.

When you’ve clicked on select pages a pop-up box will appear and you’ll just have to enter the desired websites which you’d like to load every time you open Google Chrome. Confirm the selected options by clicking OK and you are pretty much set to enjoy the full experience which Google Chrome offers.