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You already know that the computer you hold in your pocket can do some pretty impressive things, such as playing HD videos, accessing all the knowledge mankind has discovered and sending messages anywhere in the world. But besides all this complicated stuff, it can also do simple things, such as math with the help of a calculator app. The Calculator app made by Google has just been updated to the 7.2 version and it brings an interesting feature.

However, there aren’t so many new things added here, at least if you look at the previous 7.1.1 release. You can see the history of the calculations if you drag down the display found at the top. You can then scroll down the list of the past calculations where the newest is found at the bottom. Moreover, another significant change is that the digits on the main display are not gray anymore, but black.

And if you haven’t been using the Calculator app for quite a while, then you might find some more interesting things. History and the other tweaks are available for you to check in the updated version. It is also interesting to see how much the app has evolved right from the start. You can check the APK Mirror website if you want to install it before it hits the Play Store.

Even though it is an underrated app, it is particularly useful, especially if you work in a domain that requires lots of calculations. Moreover, many people underestimate the importance of new features and a continuous development of the app, but undeniably a good design can change everything. People are curious to see how Google is going to update their other basic apps and what ideas they have about improving it.