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Getting blocked on any messaging or social media platform can be devastating. This is particularly true for Viber, since you won’t receive any notifications that a friend has blocked you. The only thing you can do is to watch out for signs that indicate that you have been blocked, such as not receiving a reply when you message someone and seeing “Calling” and not “Ringing” when you give them a call. You’ll also know if you’ve been blocked when you can’t see the updates that the person makes on his Viber profile — when you know for a fact that he had updated his profile.

So, when you have suspicions that you had indeed been blocked by a friend, what should you do next? How do you get yourself unblocked on Viber? Well, technically, there’s nothing you can do to remove the block; once someone blocks you on Viber, only he can manually remove the block from his end. However, you can take a few steps to still communicate with your friend, such as the following:

Using group chats

When a friend blocks you on Viber, he won’t be able to receive any one-on-one messages that you send to him. However, he can still see the messages you send on any group chats that the two of you belong to. So, if the two of you are in the same group chat, you can send him a message and hope he would reply. Just remember: other members of the chat will be able to read your message, too, so don’t say anything that you don’t want other people to know!

Group chats can also determine whether someone has blocked you or not. If you’ve been sending one-on-one messages to someone without getting a reply, but you see that he’s active on your group chat, he has either blocked you on Viber or simply doesn’t want to reply to you.

Getting a new number

Creating a new Viber account is a great way to get around a block and communicate with the person who blocked you. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do since your Viber account is tied up to your mobile phone number. If you want to get a new account, you’ll have to get a new number.

If you’re willing to do this, though, the process is fairly easy. Simply uninstall the old Viber app from your smartphone, re-download it from iTunes or Google Play Store, and make a new Viber account using your new number. You can then add your friend and send him a message.

Asking nicely

Of course, the simplest thing you can do is to ask your friend if he blocked you on Viber and what made him do it. You can do it in person or contact him social media or other messaging platforms. This is a great way to know the reason why he blocked you and ask if he could unblock you on Viber.

You can’t do anything to get unblocked on Viber when somebody blocks you. However, you can the steps above to communicate with your friend, find out why he doesn’t want to talk to you, and possibly have the block removed.