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There has been a long-standing question about the release date of the Elder Scrolls 6. In fact, fans have been into a bigger puzzle because Bethesda was not able to announce the details about its release.

Expected Release Date

Despite the success of Skyrim, which sold out over 20 million copies, earning the publisher some money, it should be a mistake not to make a sequel. However, it has been a famous gesture of Bethesda not to mention about the games that the developers are working on until they are ready for release.

According to sources, if there will ever be a major press conference to be made by Bethesda at the E3 2017, this will probably be the Elder Scrolls 6. The problem is when it would finally arrive for the public. Some say, it will arrive as soon as November 2017, learning from its trend in the Fallout 4 release, which was launched a few months later after the announcement made at the E3 2015.

Rumors about Elder Scrolls 6

The game was rumored to arrive in November 2017. However, it was also rumored that there were conflicts and reports regarding another release date to happen in 2019. Although it has been a while since the previous release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there are still no strong evidence that it would be released in 2017.

The question is still pinned at when the developer is planning to announce the progress of Elder Scrolls 6, which would include the details of the game itself. In a report published, it was mentioned that it would be impossible for the company to make a follow-up of their last installment, considering it has admitted that the developers were not working on the game yet. More so, they have already sold over 20 million copies.

Latest Update Regarding the Delay of Announcing Elder Scrolls 6

In another report, the statement made by Bethesda, admitting that they have not been working on the Elder Scrolls 6, was indeed true. This was due to the fact that they might be on the verge of finishing the virtual reality edition of yet another videogame franchise Fallout.

Perhaps the vice president of Bethesda was only forced to confirm in August last year that they were not going announce the details of Elder Scrolls 6. This was because of the tiring questions being thrown at them regarding the sequel of the game.

What to Expect from Elder Scrolls 6

There might be a sense of importance in the location, which will set name of the game to be released as the sequel of Skyrim. In fact, each Elder Scrolls game released to date has been within the world named Tamriel.

Argonia was once rumored to be the land in which the game will be set, which would be able to explore the homeland of the underwater-breathing lizard. In yet another report, the Elder Scrolls 6 would be set in Valenwood, an area in Tamriel that was not yet explored.