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We have to agree that Android OS is one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world. A good amount of people are using emulators in order to install some Android games, tools and applications on their computers.

We should remind you that, in the past, most Android emulators were available only for Windows OS. However, it seems that BlueStacks is now available for Mac OS, as well, and it works the same way as in Windows OS.

BlueStacks for Mac OS allows you to load a full Android emulator on a Mac and use it for whatever you need it (to play games, use applications etc.). At the same time, BlueStacks for Mac is great for developers who are looking for a tool to test out Android games and applications on Mac systems.

However, for everyday users, BlueStacks for Mac will allow them to use their favorite Android games and tools on their computer. We should mention that most of the games, tools and applications from the Google Play Store are compatible with the emulator.

According to reports, most people are using BlueStacks to play Android games on their laptops. This allows them to enjoy their favorite games without wasting the battery of their smartphones/tablets. However, once they head outside, they can just pick up right where they left off thanks to their smartphone or tablet.

Overall, BlueStacks for Mac allows anyone who owns one of Apple’s laptops to experience a seamless Android OS experience. But we must remind you that the emulator is free only for private users, and if you want to use it commercially, you will need to purchase the BlueStacks Enterprise or Custom version.

BlueStacks has been released in 2009, being created by an American technology company owned by Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf and Rosen Sharma.