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Firefox is one of the most used browsers on Windows OS and mobile devices, but not everyone knows its true potential. This is why we’re here, to recommend some tips and tricks that will improve user experience.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’ll use these combinations of keys or click only on certain keys, you will notice that your browsing will be faster.

– Press Spacebar to go to the next page;
– Press Shift-Spacebar to return to the previous page;
– Press Ctrl+F to find a certain word in text;
– Press Alt-N to find next;
– Press Ctrl+D to bookmark a page;
– Press Ctrl+T to open new tab;
– Press Ctrl+K to go to search box;
– Press Ctrl+L to go to address bar;
– Press Ctrl+= to increase text size;
– Press Ctrl+- to decrease text size;
– Press Ctrl-W to close a tab;
– Press F5 to reload page;
– press Alt-Home to go to home page.


If you’ll go to the address bar and type the name of a website without putting the www in front of it, or .com at the end of it, then hit Control-Enter, you will be taken to the exact page. If the address has domain extension .net, you will press Shift-Enter, while for .org addresses, you will press Control-Shift-Enter.

Tab navigation

If you like using the keyboard and want to select different opened tabs, these shortcuts will be useful:

– Ctrl+Tab to rotate forward among tabs;
– Ctrl+Shft+Tab to rotate to the previous tab;
– Ctrl+1-9 to choose a number to jump to a specific tab.

Mouse shortcuts

Yes, there are shortcuts for those who don’t like to use the keyboard, and these shortcuts will definitely make it easier to surf the internet:

– When middle clicking on link, it will open in a new tab;
– When shift-scrolling down, you will return to previous page;
– When shift-scrolling up, you’ll go to the next page;
– When Ctrl-scrolling up, you’ll decrease text size;
– When Ctrl-scrolling down, you’ll increase text size;
– When middle clicking on a tab, you will close a tab.