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With the needs of the people around the world continually changing, it comes to a point when fast Internet speeds are essentially a necessity. With the evolution of the Web some decades ago, it can’t be denied that people around the world have almost completely relied on the connectivity being offered by the Internet.

As more and more people work online, the Internet obviously plays a major role in the way they live. Therefore, it should be fair to note that there are countries having more than just enough Internet speeds to meet certain demands, which include multimedia streaming, downloading, and uploading files.

If you have a 10Mbps Internet connection, you might be happy to note that you have a very reliable and stable connectivity. In fact, only 1Mbps is required to have an effective connection. However, this would be slower in comparison to a 10Mbps connection. Still, many countries around the world would consider this speed in connectivity a bit outdated.

Japan Uses Fiber Optics

In Japan, for instance, the local Internet provider is able to offer 2Gbps to its citizens. This is because of the supremely fast fiber optics technology in the country. This was done in order to increase the Internet speeds to cater to the increasing needs of the people within a household. So, no matter how high the demands will be, there wouldn’t be any interruptions to the service.

Hong Kong Might Have an Edge Over Other Countries

Hong Kong is also another location that is proud to provide an amazing 19.9Mbps of Internet speed, which is miles above some countries when it comes to connectivity and speed. In consideration to its size and the people whom the provider would provide services, the broadband service in the country has been far more advanced than some other countries around the world.

Norway Has Twice as Much Speed than 10Mbps

Not many providers can match what Norway has to offer when it comes to Internet speeds. In fact, it operates at around 21.3Mbps, which is simply amazing. The country has said to have boosted its Internet connectivity and speed by as much as 68%.

South Korea Is 1Mbps Shy of Being 3X Faster than What You Have

The top spot in Internet connectivity is one provided by South Korea. The country offers 29Mbps of Internet speed, which should be 4 times faster than any other nation on the planet. The evolution of its Internet speed has been so constant that it has never slowed down. As a matter of fact, South Korea has been the envy of many countries worldwide.

The world is still evolving and with it, the demand for greater Internet speed and connectivity is inevitable. Perhaps with a 10Mbps Internet connectivity, it should be more than enough to be considered fast at some point. In fact, some countries might still be at the turning point where Internet connection is still a luxury. Nevertheless, when it comes to global competitiveness, 10Mbps connectivity shouldn’t be enough.