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In July 2016, some countries around the world were treated to the delight that is Pokemon Go. It’s a game where creatures ranging from cute to kind of scary could be located, captured and trained as well as head into battle. It created quite the stir as well when Pokemon could be caught in places that deserve respect like Holocaust memorials. Despite it being quite the phenomenon, the game was only released on two platforms: iOS and Android. Although only six months into release, will the game ever reach users of Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile?

That question is rather difficult to answer given there hasn’t been official word from the maker of the game. There have been updates, sure, but no news regarding additional platforms Pokemon Go could be played in. That said, there is an alternative in PoGo-UWP which is the closest thing to Pokemon Go that Windows Phone users might get. However, installing the app is not straightforward and needs a bit of technical knowledge. The question is: are users willing to go for that to get something similar to Pokemon Go?

To answer that question, let’s look at how the app can be installed. First of all, the app is not listed in the Windows Store. That’s a drawback as apps are meant to be no-fuss items and it not being available where apps are usually downloaded is a sign that users will have to struggle a bit to get this app running.

So where is the app available? Users can download it on GitHub, a version control repository and internet hosting service. The installation process involves copying a file then installing it using the file manager on your phone.

Although not overly complicated, it’s not also convenient. Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users shouldn’t despair as well as they can sympathize with gamers in China as the game won’t be released there.

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