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It seems that the developers of WhatsApp have released a new major update for this popular application. The new update might just change the way you send messages via this app.

The latest software update is now available for iPhone devices, allowing you to send text messages even when you don’t have a Mobile Data Connection or Wi-Fi. We remind you that, at the moment, users without an internet connection are able to reply to a message in the text field, but that message is not sent until the device connects to the internet.

According to WhatsApp, this new major update will make the messages to be queued up and sent when your device regains connection. While this is a small tweak, it will surely be very useful for those that are trying to use WhatsApp application in areas where the internet connection is not so fast or stable.

In addition, you are now able to send more photos and videos in a single message. We remind you that before the update, users were limited to only 10 photos per message. However, from now on, you will be able to send up to 30 photos or videos in a single message.

You will also notice that the storage usage menu has been completely redesigned. In order to access it, head to the WhatsApp application’s Settings->data and Storage Usage->Storage Usage. In there, you will be able to see exactly how much memory each individual group or chat conversation takes up on your handset.

By tapping on a conversation, you will see how much memory is taken up by GIFs, Videos, Text, Images, Documents, Contacts, Voice Messages and Locations. To make things even better, the application has received a new ability that allows you to clear chat in order to free-up some additional space.

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