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WhatsApp is probably one of the most used applications on the planet right now. Fans or haters of the app can weigh in, but the numbers a crystal clear. There are over a billion users that log onto WhatsApp and share information on a daily basis. Which such a user count to bear, it can be very alarming to find out that security breaches can compromise the sometimes sensitive information some users choose to share on WhatsApp .

WhatsApp controversy has been present within social media communities ever since its acquisition by Facebook, when users did not get the memo that their private information will be shared with Facebook and that their personal data will end up on the social media giant’s table.

Recently, there have been news about a security vulnerability that would allow third parties to intercept and decrypt messages sent through WhatsApp. This has been brought to WhatsApp/Facebook’s attention, but the response that came from the latter was at the very least confusing. To paraphrase the answer, it would seem that they know about the vulnerability but do not intend to do anything about it. More than that, they made sure to mention that they aren’t calling said vulnerability “a backdoor”.

The feature that makes it so messages sent through WhatsApp are encrypted in an end-to-end system was added to the messaging app all the way back in April. However, as cool as a feature It might have seemed back then, it failed to mention one key detail: That encryption would be made available for Facebook to intercept.

This has been the subject of many aggressive discussions as users are obviously not pleased with the games WhatsApp and Facebook seem to be playing with them. All in all, there are no reported cases of serious security vulnerabilities so far, but unfortunately it could be only a matter of time before that actually happens thanks to the fact that Facebook has access to these messages that are supposed to be strictly between users and WhatsApp.

While users wait for an answer for either WhatsApp or Facebook that could put their concerns at ease, many are weary about actually continuing to use WhatsApp for the time being.

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