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Sims is one of those games where you can have a lot of fun by playing it just as it is. Sims 4 is no different however, as the base experience is complemented by an array of expansions that give all kinds of new flavors to the experience. However, just like any other game that implies you have grind out stuff, you might feel the need to speed things up a bit from time to time. In that regard, we offer you a list of cheat codes that can put some color onto your Sims 4 play session by giving you infinite money, free houses or all kinds of other perks.

Before you get into trying out these cheat codes, you should know how to actually enable your game to support the codes. To do this, simply hold down ctrl + shift+ c and look for the white bar that pops up on screen. On this white bar, enter the command “testingcheats on”. Hit the Enter key when you want to send the input and that’s it, cheat codes are now supported on your game.

Let’s now take a look at some of the cheat codes that you can use:

  • “motherlode”- this cheat code will provide the user with no less than 50k Simoleons (which is the currency your sims use);
  • “careers.promote [career name here]” – just add in the career your sim holds and see how a massive promotion is coming their way;
  • “money [amount here] – one of the most straight forward cheats, just add in what amount of money you want and it’s yours, no questions asked;
  • “sims.add_buff buff_mortified” – this cheat will allow to kill off your sim through shame, or in other words make them die of embarrassment.

These are just some of the codes you can use to spice up the game, but it’s a good place to start. More codes can be found online for a very long list of things you might want to cheat your way through, so don’t  be shy and try some of them and see how they work for you.