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This is what we know: Nokia is back in the smartphone game having released an Android-based device called Nokia 6 this January but limited sales to just China. They also plan to release another smartphone supposedly called Nokia Edge within the year.

On the other hand, despite a 2016 they would rather forget, Samsung confirms that a Galaxy Note 8 is coming. Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh confirmed the news to CNET and promised a device that is better, safer and more innovative.

How about a Galaxy S8? Is that coming this year as well? Well, let’s start off with the bad news: Samsung usually announces new stuff at the Mobile World Congress but the company recently confirmed that they won’t be doing such a thing at this year’s event. Although they are not announcing it at the MWC, sources still believe there will be an early 2017 release of the Galaxy S8.

Now that we’re done with what we know, it’s time to address specs of both devices that have been rumored or leaked.

Design and Displays

Nokia hasn’t had the best time in the smartphone market, but they are taking a dip in the pool once again with the release of Nokia 6. The company also promised that there’s more to come, but what do we know about the Nokia Edge? There hasn’t been much information about the Nokia Edge but rumors say it will have a 5.5-inch screen with 2K resolution and a 441 PPI pixel density. Nothing has been said on whether the phone will have an LCD or OLED panel.

How can Samsung top the Galaxy S7? Like the Nokia Edge, there is nothing confirmed but early leaks seem to suggest that two models will be released, one with a 5.1-inch screen, the other 5.5. Other leaks suggest that both models will feature curved screens and will not have a physical home button.


The latest Android version is Nougat and the Nokia Edge is expected to run it out of the box. In terms of power, an Octa-core processor will be used. With regards to storage, rumors suggest a 32GB capacity with 3GB of RAM. And just like newer models, storage can be expanded to as much as 32GB using a microSD card.

Following the trend of the Galaxy S7, Samsung might just release two variants of the Galaxy S8: the US release powered by a Snapdragon chip while the rest of the world gets one with Exynos. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is said to be the latest and that’s what the US release Galaxy S8 might sport. In terms of storage, the phone might get two variants as well: 64GB and 128GB but rumors suggest it may be as high as 256GB.

Cameras and Batteries

Nokia Edge is said to have a 23MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. The battery will be capable of 3,600mAh.

The Galaxy S8 might feature a 30MP rear camera and an 8MP front snapper. With regards to battery, rumors point to a huge 4,200mAH cell.

Samsung has constantly given the world great devices and Nokia will have to bring it all the time in order to compete. The Galaxy S8 and Nokia Edge might arrive at the same time and from the looks of it, Nokia will have to step it up as the S8 design already looks impressive.