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Gift cards and virtual cards, such as Google Play cards, are welcome surprises for people who love purchasing items online or in-store. Not only are they great gift ideas for any occasion but also, they can be for personal use.

Google Play cards, for example, can be used to purchase items from Google Play Store which is convenient and secure. That is, you do not have to use your credit card to buy items from the app store which can be exposed to hackers. Transactions you have not made might be overlooked if you are not the type who checks credits card statements.

However, these cards might be futile for recipients who do not have an Android mobile device or tablet. But this does not mean Kindle Fire owners cannot enjoy a Google Play card. Apps can be purchased with Kindle Fire but some adjustments in the settings of the device can be changed for use of 3rd party apps.

How about using Google Play cards for shopping at Amazon?

Many game enthusiasts and Amazon customers wonder if these cards can be used to purchase from Amazon since the popular retail online store offers amazing items. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Shopping for digital items is easy with a gift card from Google. In terms of availability, these cards can be bought from stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, GameStop and Target. They are also offered in Amazon. Ironically, they cannot be used to shop from the online retail giant. Also, these cards are not for purchasing devices and accessories nor can they be redeemed in exchange for Amazon products.

But as mentioned earlier, Google Play card discounts can be used on Amazon Kindle apps. As for the adjustments in the settings, there is a procedure to be done to do so. This is by allowing the device to install applications from a third party.

In order to do this, you need to follow certain steps. First, from the home screen of your Amazon Kindle Fire, select the options “More” and “Device” then followed by “Allow Installation of Applications- from Unknown Sources. After enabling it, you can now go to the location of the 3rd party app.

A reminder though, since Kindle Fire is not compatible with the Google Play app, it is important to go to for Google Play items. And if you are in doubt whether your data is at risk, by only downloading from reliable and safe sources, you are safe. This is not a hard thing to do since by this time, you are already aware of this and have been applying this practice whenever you download from the internet.

Besides, your data is exposed to threats by downloading free content and since using Google Play car is not free, then shopping for online items using the card or downloading is safer.

Meanwhile, it is simple to redeem Google Play card either on the web or your device. Simply scratch off the portion of the card where the code is and type it in. You can now tap the word “redeem” in the “current purchase” portion or the navigational drawer of the Google Play Store. After this, you might also want to make changes to your Google Play Store account. Doing so is easy as well.