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The upcoming release of the much anticipated game Mass Effect Andromeda is not an obstacle for the BioWare and N7 developers to release some teasers for the players. Now we got to find out more information about the game and as it seems, the developers are suggesting that there would be more content released after the launch.

It seems that BioWare is doing all they can in order to make the game different and all in all more immersive than the initial trilogy with the same name. And it seems that some fans are the “victims” of their strategy. The exciting news about the upcoming installment have been leaked on Twitter by Michael Gamble and Ian Frazier, who are essential in the production of the initial trilogy. Frazier is even the lead designer for the Andromeda version, and both of them posted images for the future game.

The information is not that abundant, unfortunately. Fans already know that the action of the game takes place in the far away Andromeda galaxy. Moreover, they producers will also introduce some new characters. It is important to underline the fact that this installment aims to separate itself from the initial trilogy.

BioWare clarified the fact that the game will the first one from a new series of Mass Effect stories. However, there is no further info about how they are going to do that and what exactly will be changed. The official release date for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is March 21. However, the teasers published on Twitter by the two people who work at BioWare refer only to the console versions of the game, so the PC players are somewhat left behind, or at least for now.

All in all, it seems that this installment is highly anticipated and people are curious to see the beginning of a new series.

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