It seems that 2017 is going to be a productive year for Apple, since people anticipate the releases of iPad Mini 5, iPad Pro 2 and iPad Air 3. Looking back, you can say that this tablet niche has been a challenging point of interest for Apple in the recent years, since the demand to this type of devices has slightly decreased. Even so, the company remains the market leader, and the iPad has become the icon of the consumer technology. As such, most likely we will get to see some really interesting things this year.

iPad Pro 2

Back in September 2015 when it was released, the iPad Pro was the biggest tablet Apple had produced. According to rumors, we should be enjoying a sequel to this sometime in March. This date seems to fit in with the other software releases planned by Apple, but there are also hints that the TSMC, the chip manufacturer, is not performing that well, which might lead to a delay. The company is expected to quit the headphone jack in the upcoming device, while the price should remain similar to the iPad Pro.

iPad Air 3

Even though there are rumors that Apple has stopped their iPad range, the company did not say that the Pro range is the equivalent of Air, which might mean that we can be getting a new tablet this year. No major changes are expected, but most likely they will slim the product more.

iPad Mini 5

This product is very popular and appreciated by Apple fans. Rumor has it that this will also be upgraded, so a March release date is not that implausible. Similarly, they should slim the device, but the price is supposed to remain the same. The flexible display is another rumored feature, together with the Smart Connector.

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