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Adobe Flash Player has a laundry list of vulnerabilities and is considered to be outdated by many tech experts. Despite this, it continues to be one of the widely used programs online simply because its infrastructure is already in place and people are used to it. It’s also accessible and easy to install — even in devices that no longer support it. If you don’t have Adobe Flash Player in your gadget, you can use this guide to download and install it in your desktop or mobile device.

For laptops and desktop computers

If you own a laptop or a desktop computer, you can download Adobe Flash Player directly from the official website. Simply go to; the website will automatically detect your system and provide you with the appropriate version to download. As of this writing, Flash is offered at, which offers security patches for several vulnerabilities.

There’s no need to worry since most modern computers are compatible with Adobe Flash Player. If you’re not sure, you can go to to know the system requirements and verify if your device matches them.

For Android devices

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll notice that you can no longer download Adobe Flash Player from the Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can still get the program on your device — as long as it’s running on Android 4.0 and below.

To do this, you’ll need to go to open your device’s Settings, go to Applications, and choose “Unknown Sources”. Taking these steps will allow you to download applications outside the Play Store. Next, open your browser and go to to visit Adobe’s official archive page. Search for the Flash Player version that works with your phone’s firmware, then download and install it in your smartphone or tablet.

For iOS devices

iPhone and iPad users are out of luck since their devices don’t support Adobe Flash Player. Fortunately, there are several apps, such as Puffin and Photon Browser, that let you view and interact with Flash-based content. Both Puffin and Photon Browser require you to pay for their full versions.

Take these steps to download and install Adobe Flash Player on your device. To learn more about the future of Flash and what lies ahead, you’ll want to read this article.