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Ever since Rockstar released GTA 5, the fans have been going wild about the next installment in the franchise. To top the out of this world success that GTA 5 was met with would actually take a lot of work and effort on Rockstar’s part. That’s a large part for why fans to press the developer that hard for a new title. They understand that it takes time to craft something as big and intricate as a GTA title.

However, a new Grand Theft Auto iteration would be a dream come true for every diehard fan of the series, and holding a copy of GTA 6 in your hand must feel like bliss. That’s what Brazilian fans of the franchise must have felt when they discovered that a strange Grand Theft Auto 6 game was being sold in their country. As you can see in the picture below, the box art features a similar design to that of a real GTA game, although not exactly the same.

Obviously this isn’t the real GTA 6, as we have no official confirmation from Rockstar. Not even the smallest of details can be confirmed at the moment, let alone the developer surprise launching such a huge title with zero marketing prior. This might be obviously fake but that doesn’t stop fans of the series to wonder what this game is all about. The box art surely enough looks interesting so what could be inside?

It looks like similar games have been popping all over the place, such as Indonesia. These modified versions of GTA ( GTA San Andreas, to be more specific) feature famous characters from others franchises such as Dragon Ball Z or even X-Men.

At the very least, those eager for the real deal could get a kick out of seeing these pictures and that might help them better steel their nerves until the real release of Grand Theft Auto 6. Based on how large the game is considered to be, it would be a fair assumption to say that we would have to wait until 2018 to actually see some GTA 6 footage.