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Some of you might have already heard about Hummingbird, which is one of the nastiest types of malwares on Android handsets. This malware actually infected more than 10 million devices in 2016. Well, it seems that now another malware known as HummingWhale has surfaced.

To make things even worse, this malware has made its way to the Google Play Store. This malware is used to hack your device and steal data from it. According to reports, HummingWhale has been hidden inside some applications on the Google Play Store. In other words, more than 12 million people have already downloaded these infected applications from the official Android store.

The malware attempts to override security protections on your Android device, by going into the root vulnerabilities and getting root privileges. It seems that older Android devices and operating systems are affected. We should mention that HummingBad has managed to generate about $300.000 per month in revenue and impacted more than 50.000 applications per day.

Currently, HummingWhale is in 20 applications on Google Play Store and it has been downloaded anywhere between 2 million and 12 million times already. The new malware is using virtual machines to allow it to perform better and to act undetectable. According to Check Point, the virtual machines’ technique is allowing the infected applications to generate more in advertisement fraud.

To make things even worse, the virtual machines will not show the malicious activity being done, which means that it is easier to get an application inside the Google Play Store without anyone detecting the malware. The malware is also installing many other applications that will overload your device. Keep in mind that, usually, any malware will require permission from the users, but since this one is using virtual machine, it will be able to do everything automatically, without needing any permission.

What are your thoughts about the new malware and how are you protecting your device from getting infected?

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