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Emails have become a major part of our everyday lives and one cannot portray another way to send important information or just keep in touch with loved ones other by means such as email services. When one thinks of emails, Gmail is the first service that comes to mind as it is one of the best providers out there. Microsoft have stepped up their game and managed to make themselves worthy of the title of competitor. We’ve put them head to head in order to give you a better impression on which is the best email service provider to use as well as their flaws and perks.

The Competitors

There are a lot of options to be taken into consideration when it comes to email service providers but none of them rank as high as Gmail and They are the largest email service providers on the internet which can boast with over a billion users. Managing emails has never been easier with these providers but they are entirely different when it comes to their features.


Google’s email service provider is a market leader as of April 2004 with a lot of great features such as robust filters, labels as well as 15GB of free Cloud storage which is smartly divided between all of Google’s services. It boasts with over 900M active users and no service even can close to it as of now. is a revamp of Microsoft’s email client and is now available on the web. It has a lot of new and innovative features including the likes of Clutter as well as email rules and a convenient calendar. Unlike Gmail, it offers only 5GB of free space which according to Microsoft, adjusts gradually over time to every client’s needs. The service has 400M active users which are believed to show a rapid increase over the next couple of months.


When it comes to features, the Gmail service trumps them all in terms of how can one can manage his emails by sorting them individually as well as introduce keywords in the subject line. Another factor which can be managed is the size of attachments and in order to use them easier, Google automatically enables its users to use filters to mark messages, reply and delete them.

Gmail also comes equipped with a system which prioritizes inbox and can automatically classify specific messages as being important to you as well as interact with other factors to further improve your email service experience.

Outlook however has a more tangled and harder to understand usability but once one gets the hang of it, it should get pretty easy. When it comes to organizing messages, they are stored in folders and can be pinned so they can be the highlight of a desired folder.

One has the option of customizing their emails in outlook by adding categories which can be accessed by navigating to the options menu and then selecting layout in order to finally have access to the categories menu. It will make the main layout of Outlook seem a little bit cluttered in comparison with Gmail’s more clean and organized.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate email service provider one could not go wrong with both options as they both are splendid for what they were designed for. Google’s Gmail service is the optimal choice for those who like to experiment and modify their overall email setup. It is extremely user friendly and has a wide array of powerful filters and options of customization. Automatic sorting is also an irreplaceable feature which allows for even more customization and tweaking options.

On the other hand, outlook is perfectly tailored who work in an officer environment and like to stay productive a hundred per cent of the time as it trumps Gmail in terms of relevance and convenience. There are not too many options when it comes to customization but it can do its job pretty well as it is heavily linked to other Microsoft Office Apps and important plugins.

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