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Getting caught in traffic can just be so frustrating and aggravating, especially if you late for an important meeting or a job interview. Traffic jams can take the best of most people and at times lead to altercations on the road.

But with a traffic and navigation app like Waze, getting to and from a place has never been easier. Apart from arriving at your destination faster, you also get to see who among your friends are nearby via Facebook.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Waze offers many features that you can maximize the use and are available with the power of the internet.  But is it also available without internet connectivity?

Since this navigation system is based-mapped, you will basically need to be connected to the internet, either through your data plan or your pocket WiFi. If you have internet access, you can get real-time traffic and route information.

But if there is no internet connection and you are wondering if you can still use Waze, the answer is yes. It is possible to use your Waze app offline. There is a catch, though. You can only use the data that is already stored in your device like the directions to where you are headed.

This means that you cannot navigate the map in real time and you cannot enjoy some of the features that are accessible if you are online. These include information if police are available near the area, current traffic conditions and if there are traffic accidents in the route you are taking.

Today’s largest and one of the most popular community-based navigation app, Waze lets you get first-hand information about traffic situations and offers you the fastest route to reach your intended destination. It also gives you an idea of what is happening in nearby areas and shows you where police are present in case you will need assistance.

With the use of the map, you also get to access information on where establishments are located as well as gasoline stations. Not only these, the map presented to you is continuously enhanced and updated by map editors who know what they are doing.

If you are watching out for savings on your gasoline expenses, using Waze can also be a big help. This is because you can find the best gas station that offers lower prices. With the help of other drivers in the community who share information, you get the latest details from reliable sources and consolidated for Waze users.

To make the most of the Waze app, it is best to turn it on every time you are on the road. This is because the app makes use of whatever information that comes its way to be able to rectify errors, compute the average speed of one point to the other. It also gets to make improvements on the layout of the roads. Moreover, if you always have your Waze app-enabled and others with the app will do so as well, it will be easier to navigate the map due to more real-time information.

Waze is indeed a helpful navigation app, from finding a parking space to getting parking advice.