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Viber, just like WhatsApp, is one of the most used messaging tools in the world. Apart from being a cost-effective way to communicate with friends and family living locally and abroad, it is packed with features that make communicating a lot more engaging. That said, Viber also comes with a feature that allows you to block someone you feel has been harassing or annoying you. Then again, some people would just block you because they feel like it. So, how would you know when someone has done such a thing?

What does blocking mean in Viber?

If you’ve been on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, you’ll notice that there is an option to block a particular account. Users make use of this feature whenever someone is harassing them or just downright being rude. Blocking works in a similar way on Viber where someone you blocked can’t send messages, send files or make calls but the difference is that people on Viber are most likely those in your phone contacts.

How do you know if someone blocked you?

The Support page of Viber says you won’t know who blocked you. Meaning, you won’t be notified if ever someone blocks you. This is done for the purposes of privacy.

That said, there are ways for you to know if you have been blocked. It doesn’t involve the use of any software or manipulating the system in any way. What it does involve is some observation. Here’s how:

  • The status of the person who blocked you doesn’t update on your end. Although someone has blocked you on Viber, you can still their status and profile picture. After all, it would be a clear giveaway if it didn’t. However, if someone’s status or photo hasn’t been updated in a while then you can suspect – though not confirm – that they have blocked you.
  • The person who blocked you can respond to group chats but not to direct communication with you. Let’s say your other friends don’t know that you are not getting along with another person in your group who has blocked you on Viber. Your friends create a group chat where you can discuss plans for a trip. The person who blocked you can still see your messages in the group conversation and can even respond. You can be suspicious if they only communicate through group chats and not through the one-on-one messaging.
  • The “Seen” status doesn’t show when you send someone who blocked you a message. The message you send will surely be delivered but blocking someone means you couldn’t receive anything from them. So you will see the status of your message delivered but it won’t be “Seen.”

Having an argument with someone which ends up with one part getting blocked is nothing new in online communication. The same is true when it comes to Viber, and although they have promised privacy to their users, there are subtle ways to find out if someone has blocked you.