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With Showbox APK app you can watch TV shows for free, but it’s unethical and you should avoid using it, if you respect those who are responsible and pay their cable company every month. Therefore, this controversial app is not found in the Google Play Store, so it can be downloaded from unauthorized websites, but you’ll risk getting your device infected with a virus.

There are people who like to break the rules and avoid paying to watch movies and TV shows and they use all kinds of applications to watch them for free. It’s like downloading MP3s from the internet without giving a dime to artists who worked their brains out to create a piece of art. So, it’s not only unethical to use Showbox APK app, but also dangerous, because if you download it from an unsafe website, you can damage your device before realizing what happened.

Showbox is also a file sharing service and hackers usually install undetected viruses that will be caught while using the application. So, users will end up with these viruses in their computers and even people from their email contact list will get infected. The third reason not to use Showbox is that users who stream or download TV shows or movies will notice a slower performance of their mobile device, the battery life will decrease fast and all data will be eaten away.

The latest version of the application is 4.82 and the developer said that if users see are any errors, they should report them as soon as possible. This is relatively a new application which competes with Popcorn Time and Movie HD on Android, but it’s also available on Windows OS. In the past, some users have reported issues with Showbox, as after they downloaded a few movies, the application stopped working and this means that the developers are still struggling to fix all bugs.