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In a completely different pace than we had been accustomed with after the release of the previous console generations, console manufacturers are starting to shorten the gap between models releases. Top console dogs Xbox and PlayStation are in a continuous rivalry and after the latter launched an improved version of the PS4, Microsoft had to strike back.

The runner up to the Xbox One console is dubbed Project Scorpio and it is said to be the best console ever made thus far. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it was forced to show its hand a bit early so that it may stay in the race against Sony’s PS. That means that while announced, Scorpio didn’t get an official release date. In this article we’ll take a look at the latest rumors that attempt to pinpoint the Scorpio release.

Most likely this year

Many believe that Xbox Scorpio was announced a very long time before an actual release. While this may stand true, it is uncertain how long we’re talking about. However, the chances of the next Xbox console to drop in 2018 are pretty much inexistent. It would be a terrible marketing idea for Microsoft to start building people’s hopes close to two years before release.

The scenario in which Scorpio comes out close to one year after announcement however is more likely to occur. Regarding this possibility, we are looking at a pretty certain 2017 release date for the very anticipated device.

Just in time for Christmas?

Moving on to more specific details, we can estimate that Microsoft is looking to make Scorpio available to shoppers for the next winter holiday season. The man behind the machine, Xbox director Phil Spencer has been recorded talking about project Scorpio, also saying that they are in talks with developers, letting them know what kind of hardware they will be able to use for the next holiday game release wave.

This was a strong indication that Microsoft is planning on bringing the Xbox One successor out just in time for it to be the perfect Christmas gift. This would make the remaining time until release date amount to a matter of months. As we near release, more official details are likely to come up.

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