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There was an announcement made by Microsoft in October 2016 regarding the Creators Update. This was expected to come out in spring of 2017. The good news for those who are expecting the update is that it would bring out the virtual reality and Paint 3D compatibility.

Additionally, the Creators Update would be a major upgrade to MS Windows 10, which has received some complaints and feedbacks through the course of its existence. Here are some of the features that you need to expect from the Creators Update.

  1. Gaming Features – According to Microsoft, it would improve its gaming experience with the upcoming upgrade. Moreover, it was announced that it would feature Beam, allowing players to stream their games.
  2. 3D Features – This new update would bring out some 3D enabled features, particularly 3D enabled versions of Paint, its graphics program. This will also add some 3D creation features to other apps, including PowerPoint.
  3. Compatibility with Mixed Reality VR – It was announced by Microsoft at the Computex 2016 that it will bring the Holographic Mixed Reality technology to PCs.
  4. Improvement in the Privacy Settings and Web Browsing – This will allow users to login to Microsoft account to visit or review personal data. Moreover, it will enable users to review the privacy settings. More features will also be added to its Edge browser.
  5. Microsoft Wallet – Tech giant Microsoft will have its own e-wallet that should compete with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Accordingly, this will allow the e-commerce websites to retrieve payment and shipping information of the user.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, many people expressed several concerns about Windows 10 with regards to some critical issues. The upcoming release of Windows 10 update, which is expected to happen in spring of 2017, should be able to resolve these concerns for good.