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Keeping conversations on your mobile devices can be done differently, depending on the platform. Android devices, for instance, have different ways to keep messages from iOS devices.

Backing Up and Restoring Backups from iOS Devices

You can do this by using your old handset and going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now. On the new handset where you want to restore the backup, you have to reinstall WhatsApp. You will be asked for your phone number, the one found on your old phone. Then, you will be prompted to restore the chat history.

If you agree with this, your backup would be installed with your previous conversations in it. You might also want to go back to Settings and Enable the Auto Backup feature. So, the next time you upgrade you will be good to go.

Backing Up and Restoring Backups from Android Devices

The most reliable way to back up and restore WhatsApp messages between phones on Android platform is to use Google Drive. This is a free app that should be available on Android devices. Alternatively, you can use SD cards if it is installed on your phone.

Just make sure that you have installed Google Drive on your device and logged into the same account on Google, both on the old and the new Android devices.

  • Open WhatsApp on the old Android phone and tap the 3-dot icon on the top-right corner, and then choose Settings.
  • Choose Chats > Chat Backup > Select Backup to back up the chat history of WhatsApp to the Google Drive.
  • On the new phone, verify your account on WhatsApp with your mobile number. Then, you will be prompted to restore your messages from the Google Drive backup. You only need to choose the most recent backup to restore your messages in the background.