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Downloading WhatsApp messenger on your mobile device is very easy even if you are not a mobile wizard. Basically, you can do this using 3 options, which could be done via different platforms, namely using Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Here are steps that you can use to download the app to your own advantage.

Download Using an iOS Device

You have to tap the App Store app from your iOS device. Then you need to tap the Search button that you can find at the bottom of the screen and type in WhatsApp. Just tap the first result that you can find on the dropdown menu. You need tap the Get button, which should be at the right of the app name. Just make sure to enter the right Apple ID and password before downloading and installing the app to your device.

Using an Android Device to Download WhatsApp

Just open the Play Store from any device installed with a compatible firmware. You then need to tap the magnifying glass icon on top of the screen, then type in WhatsApp then tap Go. Tap the WhatsApp Messenger option and then tap the button marked Install. If you will be prompted, you need to tap the Accept button. Then, your download will shortly begin.

Download WhatsApp Using a Windows Mobile Device

Simply open the Marketplace application and then tap on the Apps button. You need to tap the search field next, which should be on top of the monitor. Then, you type the app name you would want to download and install, which in this case, the WhatsApp app.

Simply tap the first option that will appear below the search field bar. As you can see at the top of the screen, there is an Install button to allow you to install the app. After tapping the Install button, you can now download WhatsApp and install it on your Windows mobile device.