With all these rumors regarding Apple tablets, it was only a matter of time before Samsung also made the news with rumors of its own. Today we look at the most recent speculations revolving around an upcoming Samsung device, namely Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This device comes with various feature and we just so happen to know some of the. Let’s see what the handset packs.

One of the most important elements regarding the device’s specifications is definitely the processor. For this device, we are looking at a Samsung designed chip that goes by the name of Exynos 7420. The processing unit is coupled with 4 GB of RAM. Sure, if you compare it to the current trends which imply a device should have between 6 and 8 GB of RAM, the amount featured on the new Galaxy Tab S3 isn’t that shiny. However, keep in mind that 6 GB of RAM is currently considered a large stretch from what mobile phones actually need to handle existing apps.

There are other features coming with this unit such as the much discussed USB C port and the usually connectivity methods. It goes without saying that this tablet will feature both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

If you’re bored of calling Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, you can call it by its model name, which is SM-T820. The LTE version of the handset, unlike the WiFi one, comes with the model number SM-T825.

Since we only know that the rumor comes from China, but have no clue who it is from, or what credentials they have, we can only speculate when a release date is going to take place. The common knowledge at the moment is that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 will be launched some time during the first quarter of 2027.

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