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A new update has been released for Pokémon Go, which brings some new things to the application. However, before we tell you more about the new update, we should mention that Niantic has confirmed that it has found a server issue, which they will fix as soon as possible.
New Pokestops and Gym

The new Pokémon Go update brings 17 new Pokestops and a new gym. We should mention that the new Pokestops and gym have been added for players in Davos, Switzerland. According to TheVerge website, unlike other collaborations with companies such as Sprint or Starbucks, the additions are included in a campaign to raise awareness for different global-change initiatives.
Davos is the home to the World Economic Forum, where business leaders, international politicians and other examined worldwide problems. So, from now on, the people from Davos will find their sideline as Pokémon trainers.

We should mention that the new Pokestops represent various goals, which include quality education, climate action, clean water and gender equality. The new gym location is at the Congress Center, which, according to John Hanke (the founder of Niantic), it was the developers’ desire for Pokémon Go to be a “force of good” in the world.

Pokémon Go Gen 2

In the meantime, the developers are now preparing a new patch, which is expected to be released for Pokémon Go sometime soon. According to Forbes, the Gen 2 update will be released on March 21, 2017, which is the first day of spring. Reports say that the new update will bring some brand new creatures to the Pokémon Go game, which will surely please the fans.

We have to agree that Pokémon Go had an awesome start, but it seems that the game is getting less and less popular. Niantic is trying very hard to keep players interested in the game, but it’s quite hard without adding something new to the game more often.