Microsoft’s Surface Book series of hybrid devices has made quite a wave in the tech market since it was first introduced. This year marks the release of another model that is bound to impact the industry once again. In this article we are taking a look at how the latest Surface Book 2 fares and what every day users can anticipate ahead of the product’s release.

The processor

One of the first issues that need to be touched is the processor. The latest generation of processors from Intel has hit the market and there is every single chance that Microsoft’s latest effort will feature a Kaby Lake architecture under the hood. The release of the seventh generation of processors has had a massive impact on the how the sixth generation is perceived. The sixth generation is featured on the previous Surface Book model and is already considered outdated. The interesting part is that the last Surface Book model is only a couple of months old.

There are multiple angles from which you can view the situation. Of course, the straight forward approach leads you to a frank truth that the newest processor will be better than the old one. That’s just how things go in general. But if you take a look at the different layers, you can also see why it’s going to be better.

Microsoft’s decision of implementing 7th generation Kaby Lake processors into the design of its upcoming Surface Book 2 devices (which isn’t officially confirmed however) will make the new Surfaces provide a far better energy management. Yes, having a more efficient processor will result in saving energy overall. You will be able to use the device more because the battery life will be better preserved and less charge cycles will be required.

Although again, no official confirmations have hit the stands, it is widely anticipated that Microsoft will be going for a end of the year release of the Surface Book 2 which will surely have a say in how the market evolves. With such processing capabilities at its disposal, surely the rest of the specifications will be able to keep up in performance, meaning that we will have a well rounded, high end device.

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