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It seems that more and more users are getting impatient while waiting for Pangu to release the iOS 10 jailbreak. It’s been a while since Apple has released the iOS 10, but for some reason, the hackers were unable to release a jailbreaking tool for the mentioned operating system.

According to rumors, one of the reasons why they decided to delay the release of the iOS 10 jailbreak is because Apple is always patching the holes by releasing a new iOS update. In other words, Apple has recently released some important security updates that make the jailbreak to not work properly.

This means that Pangu is now waiting for Apple to release a more stable iOS before releasing a jailbreak for the first version of iOS 10. Unfortunately, we’re not sure how much longer the hacker group will need to release the mentioned jailbreak.

The latest jailbreak that Pangu has released is the iOS 9.3, which you can still download from the official website. On the other hand, Apple knows that the developers are trying to hack its latest operating system – iOS 10 and this is the reason why the company is now updating its firmware to 10.2. In other words, the devices that will be upgraded to iOS 10.2 will not be able to get hacked with an iOS jailbreaking tool.

Some earlier rumors where suggesting that Pangu is waiting for Apple to release the iOS 10.2 before releasing their iOS 10 jailbreak. The 10.2 has been released, but for some reason, Pangu is hesitant on releasing an iOS 10 jailbreak. Hopefully, the hacker group will finally bring a jailbreaking tool for this new operating system or many of the fans will have to stick with the iOS 9.3 for now.

When did you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad for the first time?