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Luca Todesco, an Italian developer, has brought a jailbreak update for the iOS 10. The Yalu jailbreak tool for iOS 10 and 10.1.1 is currently in BETA phase, which means that it may come with some bugs and issues, which will be eventually fixed in the future.

In other words, five months after the iOS 10 has been released, Apple’s users can finally jailbreak it using the Yalu tool. Todesco has made the announcement on his Twitter account, where he mentioned that a fix for TSMC has been posted for both SE and 6s, which means the two mentioned handsets should also support the new jailbreaking tool.

It is good to know that Yalu jailbreak will be compatible only on 64-bit iOS devices with some exceptions. According to YIBADA, here are the devices that are supported by Yalu jailbreaking tool: iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPhone 7 and the other iPhone Plus models.

This means that the owners of iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch and the rest of Apple’s 32-bit handsets, will not be able to use the Yalu jailbreaking tool. However, Todesco has mentioned that he is planning to add support for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 in the future, without giving out a specific release date.

In order to enable the jailbreak mode for the compatible iOS devices, you will need to download and install the iOS 10.1.1, download the Yalu jailbreak IPA and connect the iPad or iPhone to a personal computer via the USB cable.

We suggest you to make a complete backup of data using iTunes in order to make sure that your data is secure before you start the installation process. At the same time, you will have to disable the “Find My iPhone” feature from your device by heading to Settings->iCloud->Find My iPhone.

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