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It seems that the big search engine company has been quite busy lately, as it has just released a new Google Earth version for desktop devices. This new version of the application comes with many bug fixes that have been reported from previous releases. In addition, the Google Earth version comes with a few changes.

We remind you that the Google Earth and Google Earth Pro will be released initially to users that perform fresh installs downloaded via Earth Download or Earth Pro download web pages. The users who have already installed the previous versions of Google Earth will receive the latest update in the coming weeks.

Google Earth What’s New?

Bugs Fixed

  • Many security issues;
  • Missing files from saved KMZs;
  • Crash in View in Maps if users logged in;
  • Some license-related issues with Earth Pro;
  • Issues with User Interface;
  • Windows: view in maps frozen, feedback tool broken, installer doesn’t clean up files, app closes when saving search results;
  • Mac: installer conflicts between different Earth versions, the application crashes while running on OS X 10.6;
  • Linux: search crash, installer doesn’t install the required libraries, crash viewing Moon landmarks.


  • The Earth Pro “upsell” links have been removed;
  • The browser plugin has been discontinued;
  • High-detail terrain has been enabled by default;
  • Windows: Qt application library has been upgraded;
  • Linux: Earth Pro is now available.

Known Issues

  • Windows 7: Installer has some issues;
  • Linux: Earth Pro: some GPS features are not available, import dialogs are sometimes laggy, movie maker has some problems.

The developers are expected to release soon an update that will fix the mentioned known issues, but we’re not sure when exactly this will happen.

Have you installed the latest Google Earth version on your desktop device? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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