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The Google Play Store is for Android devices, the App Store for Apple devices. You would think people would stick to apps designed for their specific operating systems (OS), but they’re constantly looking for something new or unique.

Because of the fact that each store has something different to offer mobile users, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of them want to cross over to the opposite platform. That is, an iPhone user wants to use apps offered in the Google Play Store. And that’s the crux of the matter.

The difference in operating system already says a lot about possible problems along the way. But because a majority of the apps are universally compatible, it could work on both Android and iOS. Could being the operative word, what with Apple’s tight restrictions on “foreign” apps.

There are many factors that make Google Play Store a leader in app downloads.

In a 2016 Q3 report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, data showed that Android’s share of the smartphone market is at 86.8%, which is far greater from the iOS’ 12.5%. This means more developers are encouraged to develop Android apps to generate higher profit, resulting in more apps in the Google Play Store.

This explains why some iPhone users would want to have access to the Google Play Store. While this is possible through a web browser, it is almost impossible through direct access to Google Play.

So how can iPhone users access the full Google Play Store?

iPhone jailbreak.

Yes, you can access the whole of Google Play Store using a method that Apple considers illegal, but most iPhone users are delighted about. But you might want to hold off on the celebration since you’ll need a jailbreak application that is compatible with your iPhone platform. To date, jailbreak is only available for iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 or from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s.

How to jailbreak iPhone to download full Play Store

  1. Search for a jailbreak app suitable for your specific iPhone model.
  2. Download only from a trusted source, then install.
  3. Once the installation is complete, install Bootlace and Cydia.
  4. From your phone’s home screen, launch Cydia. Select Manage > Edit > and then check Add. Supply the web address of Cydia when prompted.
  5. Run Bootlace and then re-boot your mobile phone.
  6. Install iBoot from Bootlace.
  7. Once installed, install iDroid, the Android OS that is designed to work on an iPhone.

When iDroid installation is complete, reboot your iPhone from the Android platform. So basically, you’re switching to another OS to access the entire Google Play Store. When you want to go back to iOS platform, you just have to reboot your mobile phone with iOS.

Yes, it’s not as easy as you would hope, but it’s better than nothing.

Will the downloaded app stick when you switch from Android to iOS? Yes. You only need iDroid to access the Play Store.

Of course, if you only want a specific Android app that is available from the App store, you can easily download it for free. Here’s how.