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The Viber application has received many updates for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile in the past months. However, it seems that this new update will surely be the biggest one since the unveiling of the UWP application.

According to WindowsLatest website, the update comes with many new features and improvements, as follows:

  • Some significant changes have been made in the Share user interface, with improved photos sharing and other new options
  • When you will tap on the share icon in the chat window, you will now be able to view 6 options (send photo & video, share contact, send location, hold & talk, send file, take photo & video)
  • The Viber application has now a built-in photo picker, which will open by default when you tap on the share icon
  • You are now able to attach one or more photos and send them (we remind you that before this update you were able to attach only one photo and send it)
  • A new sharing menu has been added.

We should mention that even if we have this new version can’t be installed yet on your device. You will notice that you run the Viber version 6.5.1, but the new update should be released for a few devices at the moment, while others will follow shortly.

We remind you that the Windows Store has a built-in option for releasing an update to just a few users and after the developers collect enough data, they decide to release it to all users or not. This might be the reason why you don’t see the new Viber version yet. But don’t worry if you don’t see the new update yet, just wait a few hours and it should appear.

Once the new Viber version is available for all users, you will be able to install/update it via the Windows Store.