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Last fall, Twitter announced that they would close the community site based on video-sharing, together with the mobile apps. This happened just a couple of days ago, but at the same time the company made sure that the content which was created with the help of the website will not be forever lost. In that sense, they offered people some tools in order to export videos. The tools were available both on the website and in the app.

Now it seems that they are taking further measures in order to save the Vine content. They have just launched an online archive of Vine videos. It is in fact a static website that contains all the posts created from 2013 until 2016.

Usually, when a company decides to cut the support for a product that hasn’t lived up to the expectation, they make public a closure date, after which they shut it down for good. In some cases the company alerts users of their change and give them a chance to save their data. Some companies even advise users of other similar services they can go to after their own app/website is discontinued.

However, in this case, Twitter cannot seem to let go of Vine. They initially announced that the Vine site will be closed and that the app will be deleted from the app stores. Despite that, they declared that the Vine app would make a transition to a Vine Camera app that is more utilitarian. This app was released this week. It also started to show some looping short videos on Twitter, very similar to the Vine.

Now the company declared that they are releasing a Vine archive on the old website. Similar to the the old social network, the videos are organized by genre, so you can look for comedy, art, animals, music and dance, sports, edits or weird.

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